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At Final Grade, Inc., we work hard every day to be the best at what we do and what we can provide. We are a Pa licensed and insured contractor that provides a variety of General Contracting Services but specializes in Excavation, Tree Removal, and Landscaping services. Any project ranging from a piece of land your looking to build your dream house on to repairing ruts in your lawn in the spring, we will be able to supply you with the materials and workmanship you need. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our operations to create value for our customers. Final Grade, Inc. has a mission to have honesty, integrity, and quick reliable communication as its primary goals. Because we are family owned and operated our quality control is very high and we are focused on your needs. In most cases there will be at least one owner on your jobsite. We want you to be very satisfied with your finished project. Let us make you a member in our family of customers. We are located east of Gettysburg Pennsylvania. The main counties we service are Adams, York, and Cumberland. If we can be cost effective for your job, we will travel. Please inquire of what we can do for you.


We've worked with these people for over a decade. They've turned our property - swampy woods that nobody wanted - into a beautiful tree-filled yard that draws lots of compliments. We wouldn't work with anyone else.

- Lisa

Awesome company! Totally recommend!

- Gleice

Gettysburg Montessori Charter School commends the generous contribution that Adam Snyder and his company Final Grade Inc. made to our school playground project. The excavation and site preparation was well executed. Less than a week after completion, their work was tested by torrential rain. The playground held no standing water. The newly seeded dirt banks did not erode.

Our Montessori School and Families owe a debt of gratitude and praise for this gentleman and his company. Our playground will be easy and economically maintained. Mr. Snyder’s professionalism, integrity, and generosity helped us this year. His company’s work is a legacy for our future.

- Faye Principal/CEO

Our basement flooded because of poor workmanship (grading) from our builder in July 2018. We were in a difficult position as to how to solve the problem. We had talked to several landscaping companies. When I first met with Mr. Adam Snyder, I was hesitant because he was such a young guy. But the more I talked to him and he proposed a water mitigation plan to control any future flooding, I was impressed. I was first impressed with his straight forward approach and his genuine care for my situation. He did not promise the world, but he gave me realistic expectations for the corrective action needed.

He operated with a very small crew (2 people) and a Bobcat. They worked from dawn to dusk, and magically they were done in two days. The work was done so well that now that spring is rolling in it is difficult to see where the French drains were put in place. There was minimal damage to my yard. More importantly, the water is not flooding my basement. My sump pump hardly ever runs. And on another end, the cost was mid-range compared to the other estimates we received, but the workmanship, care, and time taken was outstanding. I highly recommend Final Grade for any water mitigation or landscape work you require. Please feel free to write me at jmcarria@yahoo.com if I can answer any questions about the work.

- John Carria
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